The Sonic Womb research project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between scientists, engineers and sound artists, under the direction of internationally established fetal medicine expert Prof. Eric Jauniaux and leading auditory researcher Prof. Julian Henriques, that seeks to re-create the experience of hearing in utero in an acoustically optimised enclosed space. It is based on the most up-to-date scientific research on the development of fetal hearing, in-house experiments, state-of-the-art audio engineering and a specially-designed listening environment.

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From left to right, Sonic Womb Productions co Founders Prof. Julian Henriques, Aude Thibaut and Prof. Eric Jauniaux in front of The Sonic Womb Orrb at the Brain Forum

Current applications include a soundtrack of what the fetus can hear in-utero, delivered via a specially designed scientifically accurate “fetal filter” that emulates the auditory effects of the mother’s body. A listener relaxes within the Orrb capsule fitted with a multi-channel sound and vibration system.

The Sonic Womb research project aims to raise awareness on the need to improve the acoustic quality of the environment of the premature baby in neo-natal incubators to prevent auditory stress.