The Sonic Womb Orrb at the Brain Forum

Brain Forum

In May 2016 The Sonic Womb Orrb was presented for the first time at the Brain Forum, a unique multidisciplinary gathering of researchers on the Brain.

“Curl up in This Giant Egg to Experience Sound Like an Unborn Baby” Vice Motherboard 17 May 2016

“Dis, bebe, tu entends quoi dans l’uterus?” Le Mag Le Matin du Dimanche 22 May 2016

“Une capsule sonore reproduit l’environnement sonore du ventre maternel” RTS TV News 27 May 2016 
 “Science: Une capsule pour recreer l’environnement sonore du foetus” La Presse 2 August 2016
“Sonic Womb Projektet” livsbladet-october-2016-issue