Day Two at the Brain Forum

Second day at the Brain Forum and I think we can confidently say we are one if the main attractions on the exhibitor’s level. Our booth is mobbed with people interested in experiencing the Sonic Womb and we have to set up a queuing system.

Reactions are incredibly varied:

“Interesting and shocking”

“A connection with the environment more truthful than the outside world”

“Meditative, calming, psychedelic”

“Awesome and curious”

Here is the impression of Hafida:

It was great for us to speak to people about their impressions just as they came out of the Sonic Womb Orrb, some of which we’d never have anticipated.

A young man said he experienced feelings of weightlessness. He felt he was coming back into his body when the filter was turned off at the end of the soundtrack.

One lady comes out crying. Her late father during her pregnancy used to tell her “be respectful of the baby in your womb, don’t fight with your husband, sing to your baby, and listen to music.” Hearing the simulated sound world around her viscerally brought back her father’s advice to her.

We are grateful to all those who shared their feedback with us. They will help us create great new soundtracks for the Sonic Womb Orrb.

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