Research collaboration with UCL GIFT-Surg

We are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with GIFT-Surg at UCL on our research to increase our understanding of the role of sound in-utero in order to create the next generation of neonatal incubators:

New Research Collaboration between GIFT-Surg and Sonic Womb Productions

This is incredibly exciting for Sonic Womb as the GIFT-Surg project, which aims to push a major development in fetal surgery through better in utero imaging and surgical tools, spans an incredible array of disciplines and technologies which Sonic Womb will be able to draw on, from modelling (the main initial focus of our collaboration), to robotics, via 3D printing (of organ mimicking tissues), smart glasses and more.

We will also be contributing an updated Sonic Womb immersive experience to GIFT-Surg’s public engagement strategy… coming to you before the end of 2017 in London!

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